Monday, October 3, 2011

My Lavender Dream Experiments

Picture from 3 months ago First experiment to grow rhe second generation from "first generation Lavender Europe 2011"
Picture 2Most of plants in the picture "Israel 2011" die. The second (green container) was "the second generation, 3rd experiments". is dying also

Picture 3Close up of "the second generation, 3rd experiments". In this experiment, I use root hormone. But after two weeks, most of them is wilted. Is it caused by root hormones ?

Picture 6Dwarf lavender from Israel 2011

Picture 7L. Dentata from Israel 2011

Picture 8Lavender from Israel 2011

Picture 9Lavender from Israel 2011

Picture 10L.Dentata from Israel 2011


  1. Hi, I'm a member of the Lavender group you joined. I think the biggest challenge you are facing is that you are trying to take a cold tolerant plant and raise it in a tropical environment. Lavender doesn't necessarily need "cold", but it is not very tolerant of extreme heat and humidity.

    But just as there are "hardy" forms of tropical plants that we can grow in four season climates, there are some types of lavender that would be very successful for you.

    The dentatas should do very well for you, as long as they are kept adequately moist in the heat of the day. Also, the stoechas should do very well for you. The seeds you received were probably L. intermedia or L. angustifolia. I would not expect either of those to do well at all in your area. Some of the intermedias might, but generally, they aren't crtazy about the heat and humidity.

    I would order seeds of L. stoechas if you can get them. Or take cuttings from L. stoechas. If you can grow rosemary, you should be able to grow some lavender too, and I wish you luck!

    I will keep my eye out for L. stoechas seeds for you.

    Cathy in Massachusetts USA

  2. My other suggestion is to join the group Blotanical. Here is a link.

    There are a lot of members from tropical areas who can guide you as to sources and how to grow something like this there.

    Our blog is part of blotanical and you can see us there or by going to our blog directly, here: